Know Thy Neighbor

Natalie SoComment
photo by Aubrey Trinnaman for Edition Local

photo by Aubrey Trinnaman for Edition Local

At Edition Local, we’ve spent the past several months getting to know the artists and craftspeople in our community and helping you to get to know them too. As we’ve told these stories about people and place in small Northern Californian towns, we’ve realized that our greatest hope is to awaken a desire in our readers and supporters to know thy neighbor. Who lives next to you? Who walks down your street? Who is making art in the studio down the block? 

Though we’re showcasing arts, crafts, and beautiful objects, technology is undoubtedly a part of this conversation. Technology makes Edition Local possible; we run an e-commerce site, and we use Instagram. But rather than being just another e-commerce destination, we’re hoping to give you a real and physical sense of place and community, located in a regional geography and terrain, in which technology is used to aid, not destroy local economies. Supporting the creative community in our own regions is extremely important to us, and we believe that the first step to strengthening these communities is to start with one person at a time, the person nearest to you, the person next door. Know thy neighbor.

We’re creating the Edition Local journal to give you the scoop on what’s happening in the various regions we’re covering—art openings, events, fun day trips. We’ll also share some thoughts and inspiration, and you’ll hear from our artists and friends on occasion. So join in for the conversation, as we give you glimpses of how we're getting to know our neighbors. We’re hoping you’ll follow along.