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Natalie SoComment

In her introduction to The Book of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters writes, “This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive.” 

Alice Waters, one of the pioneers of the organic food movement, understood the importance of connection and gathering in sustaining the health of our population and environment. In opening Chez Panisse, she decided to only buy organic food from local and small-scale farmers in an effort to to cultivate a direct connection between them and consumers. Undergirding her entire philosophy is the idea that people and environment matter—and that the connection between the two, as it pertains to social responsibility, local economy, and personal health requires attention and dedication. The connection is vital.

Since we first launched, we’ve been focused largely on telling stories and providing goods that are crafted with integrity and care. But we realized that to further the story of people and place, we also wanted to bring people together to learn, experience, and connect at in-person gatherings and workshops. Today we’re excited to announce a new Edition Local project called FIELD to BODY, a series of community gatherings focused on the connection between farms, fields, foraging, and the body. We hope that these gatherings will help us all deepen our connection to the environments we live in.

We’re certainly not the first to explore the relationship between field and body. Rather, we’re responding to and joining in a movement that we’ve seen to be quite pervasive in the areas we live in. It’s no surprise that artists and craftspeople with deep relationship to the places they live in have are also passionate about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that their environments possess. 

We’ve invited teachers, makers, foragers, cooks, herbalists, and other individuals who are working to bridge the connection between plant and body to join Edition Local in hosting a month of community gatherings. Every weekend is an opportunity to learn, meet the makers, engage with plants, taste something new, or craft your own medicine. Alongside, we’ll be telling their stories and giving you a glimpse of what they do, so even if you live outside of the Bay Area, you can follow along. 

Check out our first story on herbalist and flower essence-maker Liz MIgliorelli of Sister Spinster.

Visit the FIELD to BODY page for more information.


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We hope to see you soon!